Behr's 2017 Color Currents

Comfortable. Composed. Confident. Sounds wonderful, right? Take a look at Behr’s 2017 Color Currents for inspiration around the house…and in life generally.

I love working with grey as a neutral wall color, so these palettes really speak to me. Dark grey walls are an easy choice to create a sophisticated look for any room, without committing to a bold color choice such as red. Use light grey walls to hide the traces of family and dog and keep a crisp feel to the room when paired with white trim. As seen in the photo below use a limited color palette to draw out architectural details or otherwise focus the look of room; in this instance shades of grey are used to create a minimal palette with pops of red/brass as an accent. The result - a calming, sophisticated feeling where furniture, fabrics and decor stand out.

Color Palette: Composed; wall color Shades On T17-10.