Last looks from the LV Market

OK, I could post a thousand snaps from the market but I will save us from scurrying down that rabbit hole; email me if you must have more or want to set up time to explore catalogs and such. Here's three looks from my fav showrooms and a few points from the speakers panels and briefings I sat in on. Enjoy, design bunnies!

Featured showrooms from L to R: Four Hands, Blue Ocean Traders, and Global Views.

I went to the market and I came home knowing this:

1.     Pantone co-colors of the year – rose quartz (pink) and serenity (pale blue). Surprising, right? 

2.     Boomers and millennials share design values – both age cohorts value authenticity (how is it made), healthy living choices (is it harmful to me or the planet), seek to own fewer things, but want those items to have higher emotional value (speak to who they are).

3.     Globalization has transformed design – from where and how goods are made to the design influences we want to bring into our homes.

4.     Curation matters more than consistency – Possibly because our design choices are now seemingly limitless, the ability to curate your personal style or look rather than emulate a single look is key.

5.     Old good things – A fab antiques n more emporium in downtown LA, and also a reminder that salvaged goods are highly sought after goods. 

…..And the biggest inspiration for me personally?

The realization that designers doing what they love is magical, for everyone.

 I had the pleasure of attending two panels featuring super extraordinary stellar as in orbiting the milky way designers talking on what inspires them daily, how they achieve success for themselves and their clients, how to write great social media posts, and well, just how to do good in design and life generally. Look them up, they will leave you twinkling: Justina Blakeney and her blog The Jungalow; also the Fabulous Beekman Boys and their beautiful farmhouse in Sharon Springs NY, population +/- 550 people. Most of whom are now involved in one way or another in the growing Beekman 1802 empire.

All, inspiring.


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